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We work with the most complicated cases that are beyond your state attorneys’ capabilities. During the time that we have been in practice, we have met tons of great people with issues and real professionals that are now our happy clients and employees. Stay with GoodLaw and gain trust that will never let you down.

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Гриб  Владислав Валерьевич
Председатель совета партнеров, адвокат
Терновцов Александр Валерьевич
Управляющий партнер, адвокат
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“We practice in personal injury and commercial litigation, with an emphasis on complex
contractual matters and mass tort litigation. He has litigated cases on behalf of individuals, small
companies and large corporations.”

“None of the previous associates were able to protect by business
and defent the rights, honor and freedom of our company. We
appreciate your great effort and hard work.”

John Smith,Columbia, D.C.

“Do not let anyone make you do what isn’t right. Stay strong and firm
in your beliefs. May the thruth and faith be with you. Thank you for
your wonderful job.”

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Александр Терновцов вошел в состав конкурсной комиссии по выборам главы города

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Владислав Гриб награжден Благодарностью Президента РФ

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